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They killed my car..... (Pix)


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  • 1 year later...

I didn't even bother to try the key. At the accident fluids were running out all over the place. I'm sure the coolent spilled out and probably oil.

The thing is.... this car is old. It was a 1996 Grand Am with over 180,000 miles. Underneath the body it was rusting out.

Also, the airbags blew. So that would mean even more money and trouble to put back in or just tear them out.

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Since I'm on a college student budget, I opted to only get required insurance for liability. My insurance isn't giving me anything.

The other person is at fault though, so I should be getting money from them. Probably $1000.

At least this is what I'm hearing so far. I'll talk to a local insurance office on Monday.

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