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When you buy products, you generally pay attention to some product-related problems. For customers who are planning to purchase an automatic screwdriver, when we accept the inquiry, the most frequently encountered problems are the price of machinery and equipment, product quality, and whether to test the machine first.

1. The price of China Nut machine

Most of the automatic screw-tightening machinery and equipment belong to non-standard automation products, which are customized according to the customer's regulations. Therefore, the price is asked at the beginning. This is not a good response for everyone. If the customer must ask for the price, then everyone will first let The customer presents some product materials.

The design of the portable automatic screw machine is very simple, and the price is relatively simple. Generally, you can give an approximate price by showing the photos of our products and the specifications of the applied screws.

For the automatic automatic screw machine, the design plan is very complicated. It must be designed and manufactured according to the customer's product structure. You must show the product design structure, the total number of screw holes, the position of the screw hole, and the depth, diameter, and design plan near the wire hole. For materials such as processing technology regulations, it is best to show the test product back. We can design a plan according to the specific situation, and work out a solution and cost. Refer to "Factors influencing the price of automatic locking screw machine"

2. Product quality of automatic locking screw machine

With the help of Jianfeng's overall scientific research strength, at this stage, it has its own R&D department, production and processing plant and manufacturing workshop, which can independently develop and manufacture the core components of automatic screw-tightening machinery and equipment, such as screw feeders, electric screwdrivers, etc. , The electronic components are all imported originals, and long-term cooperative relationships have been established with distributors. The products have undergone layer-by-layer inspections and comply with ISO9001: 2008 quality system management to ensure the quality of automatic locking screw machines and equipment. They are recognized by many customers in the industry .

3. Can the automatic locking screw machine be tested?

The customer clearly proposed the test machine, mainly to grasp the quality of the product, and whether the characteristics of the product can be considered for its manufacturing requirements. Portable automatic locking screw machine because of its strong practicability, generally if the size of the screw is considered, everyone can show the details of the test product for customers around Shenzhen or other provinces with overall strength; for vertical automatic locking screw machine or platform automatic locking screw For machinery and equipment, you must customize samples according to the specific conditions before you can test the machine. Therefore, you must communicate with the machine before you want to test the machine, so that you can easily customize the product that is suitable for the customer.

The key to Bolt Factory’s top shows that customers often ask many questions about the automatic locking screw machine. Naturally, there are many other problems, such as delivery date and settlement method. The delivery date must be based on the complexity of the product and the order information date table. To be clear, the settlement method must be communicated with everyone. Because non-standard automated machinery and equipment are different from general standardized automated machinery and equipment, the whole process of purchasing will be relatively complicated. We hope that everyone will understand, and will do a good job at each stage, and provide thoughtful service to many customers.


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