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Composition Of Manual Corn Seeder

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  Manual Corn Seeder composition and use method, the transplanter is mainly composed of feeder, seedling guide tube, seedling support device, ditch opener and soil covering roller. When working, after manual seedling separation, the seedlings are put into the feeding barrel of the feeder. When the feeding bucket moves to the top of the seedling guide tube, the valve under the feeding bucket opens, and the seedlings fall into the seedling guide tube by gravity. Put the seedlings into the seedling trough of the seedling opener by tilting the seedling guide tube. Under the support of the grid-type seedling support device, the seedlings are in an upright state, and then trenching and covering are performed. Under the action of the overlying water flow formed between the compaction wheels, the soil is covered and compacted to complete the planting process. New users may not know the basic mode of operation.

   1. Adjust measures to local conditions. If there are more rocks in the field, it is recommended to use other agricultural tools for farming.

  2, correct operation. Use the power combination first, and then slowly put down the agricultural tools, so that the blades of the rotary tiller slowly enter the soil in advance, and the agricultural tools must be improved first when rotating, otherwise the transmission parts will be easily damaged.

   3. Model matching. The length of the square shaft and sleeve of the universal joint should match the type of farm tool. If the square shaft and sleeve are too long, the transmission parts will be damaged during use. If the short shaft and sleeve are too long, the agricultural tools will be exposed when the agricultural tools are taken out.

  4, Corn Sheller is installed correctly. When the universal joint is installed, the forks should be on the same plane to ensure uniform rotation of the knife shaft. Otherwise, the transmission components are easily damaged. It should be noted that the angle between the square axis of the universal joint and the plane of the gear box should not be greater than 10, and the angle between the square axis of the universal joint and the plane of the gear box after the farm tool is raised should not be greater than 30. Otherwise it will affect the transmission efficiency and affect the universal joint

   5. Scientific maintenance. Lubrication and maintenance should be carried out as required. Do not omit oil injection and grease injection at the lubrication point to reduce damage caused by dry friction.

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