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How To Melt The Frontal Lace Wig


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Your always favorites are pre-plucking, hairline and knot bleaching. The HD Lace Frontal can give you the appearance of melting your scalp. The next few steps can show you how to make your wig and scalp completely blend.

First of all, the tools you need to prepare are got 2b gel, got 2b freezing spray, got 2b spiking glue, stocking cap, braided natural braid, wig head, scissors, hair dryer, razor,toothbrush.

1. Apply the gel to your hair by hand, so that your hair can be put down.

2. Everything is ready, and then put on a stocking cap to make sure that the brim of the hat has crossed my hairline.

3. So use the same gel to apply it to the entire front hairline again. The most important thing is that this time the gel is applied to the hairline through the hat so that the hat can basically be used. Melt and engage to the hairline.

4. Spray got 2b freezing spray to make it hold more.

5. Then you can wrap it with a scarf or use a dryer to dry the position where the gel and free spray are, so that the hat is fixed on the head.

6. After drying, reduce the excess cap cap until it looks like a translucent makeup.

7. Use the gel and move it down to make the lid stick. This time it looks like the scalp you know. Continue to use the gel, apply it on the hairline (a little bit past the hairline), use a hair dryer to dry the gel

8. Take out the wig prepared in advance, put it on the head of the Curly Lace Front Wigs, and start to cut off the extra lace on the ears and hairline to ensure that the wig can fit perfectly.

9. Apply got 2b spiking glue around the hairline, and use a hair dryer to dry the spiking glue even more.

10. Put on a Cheap Front Lace Wigs and carefully press the position of the hairline to fully stick it. Using a hair dryer can speed up this process. The wig is basically installed.

11. You need to use clips or elastic bands to better fix the wig. Use a razor to make the desired baby hair, and then use mousse to style the baby's hair, and then you can see the fluid, natural baby hair.At the same time you can use the brush to make baby hair.

12. In the last step, you want to determine and continue where will become a part of you, then put it down with water and mousse, wrap the entire hairline with a scarf or cloth, and then walk under the dryer to melt the frontal lobe actually Just heat it up, place it under the dryer for 15-30 minutes, remove the fabric, and use your hands to shape your hair into what you want.

The whole installation process requires your patience, and patience will make you less mistakes.


Hope the guide is helpful to you,If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com.

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