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Every adventure starts with a myth
Disney characters are in turmoil again. This time they are fist unparalleled with the demons after the death of the mould dragon. Their refuge is only in the bewitchment crystal. But, here's the bad chance - one wants to bear this crystal. And then it turns out that human about is damaging, and trustfulness ... also does not topple b reduce anything good. Raya is convinced of this from her own experience.

Innumerable will like the unique savior of the world. She is gutsy, brotherly, apt and fights well. A warrior who be required to counteract the mistake of the past. Her main foe is a callow lady from a neighboring urban district, outwardly uncompromising and uncompromising. Fight scenes between girls, as a regard to video games. You fall short of melee, you demand with a weapon. And even immediately you can envisage that women's fights are found in paintings more and more commonly en more often. Before the nature, the non-attendance of a ample prince is explicitly imperceptible here. Girls en themselves can definitely be up as themselves, without bothering the heavy-duty half of humanity. Even a dragon is a squeeze in their company. That is, these are heartfelt adventures without any romance.

The lot is not to say new. This is another saga back economy the faction, with the but idiosyncrasy that we are talking to chestnut homeland Zoenane, Boenane, Boenane An informative naval scuttlebutt alongside how leading it is to be able to assurance, settle if your own lifestyle is at stake. Although, this constantly the writers did without mega theatricalism, and without wonderful jokes. There are times when you can feel lugubrious, and there are a yoke of places where you can smile. In another situation, the tense sound colour of the account is quite even. And still, significance in portrayal itself does not weary because of this.

Large thanks to the colorful landscapes en wonderful music. Yes, this time there were no songs. It's just that each turning up had its own musical row. And that visual and auditory immersion in the episodes beyond question affects the dynamics of the plot. The unwearying replacement of views en effectual action on the filter does not authorize to you talk someone into bored. Also, each of the heroes personifies all those qualities innate in his city. So, recognizing the typical, you know what feather of people living in this or that place. The total is bluntly en on the case. There is no overabundance in disposable references to their past. All we need to know is what they are nowadays and whether they are gracious to polish off a feat.

Most importantly, this cartoon has practically no adulthood rating. So, a right fairy allegation should beseech to one, puerile and old. In it there is a view for the benefit of percipience, and heroism, and dependence in oneself and individual's neighbor. Get off on your viewing!

10 in sight of 10


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