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The Oil Used For Manual Corn Seeder

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 One is that the engine processing of Manual Corn Seeder's oil micro-cultivator is very precise, and the oil is also very demanding. You need to use qualified canned diesel engine oil, use 30 diesel oil in autumn and winter, and use 40 diesel oil in spring and summer. , And change in strict accordance with the working hours. The running-in is to change the oil after the micro tiller works for 15-20 hours, the second time is 50 hours of work, and the third time is 100 to 150 hours. The gearbox also needs diesel oil, not gear oil.

The second is to make necessary tightening and adjustments in time. In many places of the tiller, after a period of use, the gap of some parts will increase, and the user must make the necessary adjustments. The clutch, reverse gear, throttle, steering, etc. of the tiller are all operated by the cable, and the cable is easily deformed and elongated, so it must be adjusted in time through the adjustment screw. There is also a certain gap between the first shaft, the second shaft, and the two pairs of bevel gears of the gear transmission box after a period of time. The first and second shafts are adjusted by tightening the rear end screws. Shims to adjust. During use, the micro tillage machine must be tightened every day.
But pay special attention to the fact that the screws of the tiller engine should not be easily tightened, mainly those screws directly on the aluminum alloy shell.

Third, the maintenance of Corn Sheller is mainly to clean and tighten the screws every day after use, correct the deformation in time, and perform anti-rust treatment in winter.

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