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What you need to know about plastic-free paper cups

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PLA is generally used to produce plastic-free paper cups, but the high cost of raw materials leads to relatively high product prices. PLA has relatively high requirements for production technology. If the technology is not handled properly, there will be delamination, which will affect the quality.

Plastic-free paper cups and ordinary paper cups look no different in appearance. Ignite the two paper cups separately with fire. The ordinary paper cup will emit some black smoke with a slight plastic smell, while the plastic-free paper cup smells no peculiar smell, and the burning smell is the same as that of ordinary paper.

Plastic-free paper cups also have a shorter degradation time under natural conditions, and both water-based coatings and paper can achieve full biodegradation.

As a paper cup manufacturer, Zhejiang Pando EP Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of global plastic reduction and environmental protection, aiming to promote green and sustainable packaging. If you want to know more product-related information, please feel free to contact us.

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