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What Are The Benefits Of 360 Lace Frontal Wig

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Essentially, 360 lace frontal , also called 360 Wigs for short, it is essentially a lace headband that has adjustable hooks in the back so that it can get nice and snug without needing to use glue or tape or even sewing it on as many of us do. So 360 refers to it being 360 degrees so that it allows you to give your hairline a break when you are wearing hair extensions.


How are lace front wigs made

Lace front wigs are made by securing a small, flesh-coloured lace mesh panel to the front of the 360 Lace Wig cap and then hand-knotting fine hairs through the holes of the lace so they can move freely like natural hair. This lace panel blends in with the skin so all you can see is the wispy baby hairs at the front. The rest of the wig cap is made from a stronger, more durable material as lace can be susceptible to tearing and wouldnt make for a strong full cap. Any excess lace from the panel is trimmed down to follow the shape of the natural hairline with the small sewn hairs emulating baby hairson the hairline.


What are the benefits of lace front wigs?

There are several benefits of 360 Lace Frontal Wig. Firstly, they feel much more lightweight and breathable than the more traditional wig which can be a total gamechanger for wig wearers prone to getting hot, especially if they are going through hormonal changes. Because of the soft hairs at the front of the hairline, lace front wigs are almost undetectable, ideal for complete or partial hair loss or thinning. Its also possible to part the hair with more freedom as there is no set parting and the freely moving hairs will stay where you want them! Because the opaque wig cap is set farther back, thanks to the lace front, the wearer can tuck the hair behind their ears or pull the hair back without it being obvious they are wearing a wig. The nature of lace front wigs makes them excellent for more flexible styling.


How to care for lace front wigs

The delicateness of lace means it needs gentle care to keep it intact and in good shape! Lace front wigs are an investment and can offer you longevity when treated well. Never scrub the lace, but wash it softly and daintily, being careful not to allow conditioner near the lace as it can loosen the hairs.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com

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