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2021 new sports shoes football shoes

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According to football coaches and players, the bestNike Vapor 13 Elite FG football boots Whether you are playing football in a formal league or using a backpack to mark the goal of a catch game in the park, the right shoes can improve your skills and help reduce injuries. Deciding which shoe is best for you will depend on many factors, but the main factor is the upper you use. As Halle Bissen, assistant coach of the University of California San Francisco Women’s Football Team, <a href="https://www.cleatshead.com">Nike SB Dunk</a>explained: “On running-in grass, use hard plastic non-slip shoes on hard ground, and use metal non-slip shoes on soft ground. . Avoid. Sliding on wet grass and soil. Multi-sole ground shoes suitable for turf or solid ground are in the middle position, <a href="https://www.cleatshead.com">Nike Shoes</a>and the hardness of cleats is not as short or high as the shoes on solid ground. Then some indoor shoes, these shoes have flat sole The shoes are slightly trampled and sticky, almost like basketball shoes." New England Revolution professional midfielder Scott Caldwell (Scott Caldwell) said that once you know what to play, the rest is up to personal preference. He said: "Some people are looking for lightweight shoes, some people like the quality of this material, <a href="https://www.cleatshead.com">Nike Mercurial Superfly</a>and some people give priority to fit." "For me, I think material and fit are the most important. If a pair is non-slip Nailed firmly to my feet,they will be comfortable and give me the confidence to control the ball." Alex Ivanov is an imperial league and decathlon athlete In the first half of professional football, and is the current head coach of the Nithawk Sports Club in Massachusetts. I have been looking for a soft and durable leather that feels like a second skin, so if I curl my toes or tilt my feet, the shoes will move with him. Synthetic shoes are usually lighter than leather, but they do not last for a long time or have a poorer shaping effect on human feet. Ivanov said that when he used to play games, he “pierced the cleats by dragging and breaking the toes.”<a href="https://www.cleatshead.com">Air Jordan</a> He said that compared with synthetic materials, “high-quality leather has a longer lifespan, so when When I finally get a boot that feels like a part of my foot, I won’t wear it or break another pair.” Chicago West Loop coach Stefan Markovic agreed. He said: "I will always recommend everyone to try leather shoes." "Depending on how well you maintain them, they will last three, four or five years, <a href="https://www.cleatshead.com">Nike Kyrie 7</a>while synthetic shoes will only last one or two seasons." He warned One is: "If you play on a wet field, leather will be heavier than synthetic materials." To help you find the right football shoes for you, we talked with five professional coaches and players from all over the country. This is their suggestion.

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