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How To Prevent Hair Tangles

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Wearing our 360 Wigs in different styles, after a period of time, we may find that the hair becomes tangled. How do you understand this phenomenon and how to solve it?


What Are Causes Of Tangled Hair


360 Lace Wig tangles are an inevitable phenomenon. As long as the hair is in a bad state, it may cause tangles. The wrong way of combing the hair, unscientific shampoo, the quality of the wig, etc. will cause the hair to dry or knot.


1. External factors

As we all know, exposure to heat sources (sunlight, hair dryer) will cause the hair to lose moisture. Drying wet hair with a towel or leaving the hair in the wind may also make the 360 Lace Front Wigs tangled.


2 incorrect use of the product

Sometimes, in order to conform to fashion, comb the hair backwards, that is, comb or brush the hair from the tip to the root of the hair in the opposite direction to the usual, which intentionally causes the hair to become tangled. Incorrect use of shampoo may also cause hair tangles.


3. The reason for the wig itself

Wigs are more or less tangled, and the longer the hair, the easier it is to tangles. This is unavoidable, because the wig itself cannot produce oil to avoid dryness and tangles, but the higher the quality of the wig, the more tangled. less.


How to solve hair tangles


1.Do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair, let the hair dry naturally, the hair dryer blows away the moisture that should be in the hair.


2. Use the product correctly

Do not use plastic combs, use wooden combs or bone combs; use shampoo specially suitable for cleaning wigs, which can add moisture and nutrition to the wigs, and solve and repair your wig tangles to a certain extent, but it is best not to fix it for long-term use A shampoo can be changed once a year at the longest, because the effect will not be so obvious after a long time; applying a hair mask once a week can significantly improve the hair condition.


3. Choose a high-quality wig

The mslynn wig shop has the least tangled wigs, no shedding, and the addition is made of 100% human hair, smooth and bouncy.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com


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