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How To Avoid Curly Headband Hair Wig Tangles

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Whether you just brought the Headband Wig box for the first try or dressing up before going out, you need to comb your hair. It works out of the box and you need to comb it correctly.Tangled hair looks unnatural and it's key to comab the hair correctly,Here are some tips on how to comb your wig hair.


Determine the pattern of Curly Headband Wig

combloose wave, body wave, straight, natural wavethese textures can be combed with a brush or a wide-tooth comb

No comb:deep wavekinky curly,these curly hair need to use fingers to comb the hair, because if the hair is too tight, if it is combed with a comb, it may cause the  Headband Wig Human Hair  to strain and cause the hair to fall out.


Choose the texture youlike and keep the original color Some hair with more curly so please

tips:Do not use ordinary brushes on wigs! It is necessary to only use styling tools designed specifically for wigs, otherwise you may destory the wig. When you comb the wig with your fingers, comb or wig brush, you will find that the wig will start to look fuller and present the style you ordered.


Steps for combing curly hair

1. Use a comb to comb your wig unit. In fact, combs and curls that are too tight are not your best friends.

2.separate your hair into sections,

3. Grasp the middle of each part, and smoothly comb from the middle to the bottom

4.smoothing your goregous curly wig


Notice: use wide-tooth comb gently brush your hair Curly hair please smooth the hair by hand,Don'tbrush the hair from the topthe end, straight fron the ends, comb it through and then from the middle, then finally goes fron the top.take more care when washing to avoid tangling.

Brushing your hair helps to maintain a good appearance. Pay attention to buying a suitable wig brush or comb, and knowing how to brush your wig will help you maintain and take care of your wig correctly. Maintaining your wig is not difficult, but if you do it carefully, you will be rewarded.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com

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