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How do you run private game servers?

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I haven't been playing Minecraft and other games because I've been busy, but I've been curious about your game server section.

I'm going through college for an IT related Associates Degree, but so many of my classes are just lecture. I want to do hands on stuff and I thought trying to run my own private game server could be good experience. I might even be able to say Server Admin on my resume lol.

For starters, I'd probably put a server on a LAN. Preferably, I'd like to run a game that can live in Linux since I'm studying that to.

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Pick the game you want and start reading the server manuals/wikis/support pages. Find out what specs they recommend for a server, and if you have the hardware, just follow the instructions. The hardest thing to do is get the port forwarding and appropriate firewall settings, because it is different for everyone.

Once you can get a server up and running and tested a few time, start learning the server commands, learn how to backup everything/ turn on autobackup. Really once it running, there really not much more, kinda boring tech wise. Unless you know how to code and mod in the same engine the game was built in.

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