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‘Despicable Me 2′ Review: Good Enough for Children

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First off you didnt even get the name of the company that made the movie right. Some critic you are. Despicable me 2 had just as much story as any other animated or live action movie and was very well put together. I personally loved this movie and would go see it again if i had time im 20 and i never once thought about looking at my cell or being bored while watching this. The Company that makes this movie is Illumination Entertainment Partnered with Universal Studios. So making the mistake of assuming it was dreamworks that made this movie was a bad move. People can really get upset when you credit the wrong company for a movie. Plus it just makes you look shitty.

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Thank you for your feedback. It's clear from your rational arguments, impeccable prose and flawless grammar, that you're a very intelligent, important person. I'm thrilled that you took time from your job, where I'm sure millions of people hang off of every word you say, to critique my writing. I appreciate it when influential, powerful people bother to climb down from their ivory towers to comment on my work.

The flaws in this article have been corrected accordingly. Which is to say: one word has been changed. The movie, however, is still as mediocre now as it was the day I watched it.

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