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Supported and Unsupported games: The difference and how to get a game supported

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This is something we spoke about in the town hall meeting and we need to hit the clarifying points so that everyone understands what's going on with our gaming situation.

First off, Supported V Unsupported games

Supported games are games that we, as a clan, have decided we are going to devote time, personnel and resources to. Supported games are those in which we will do active and passive recruiting, with which we will bring more people in to the clan. Supported games have a division commander, they have officers and "NCO's" and they have a defined organizational structure. Supported games will have their own subforums under the main SOO forum and will be officially "supported" by the officers and the council members.

Unsupported games are those to which we are not devoting clan time and resources. Unsupported games will not have active or passive recruiting because they will not have officers or NCO's with which we can induct and train new members. Unsupported games will also not have a division commander or an organization structure. Due to this, there will be no "official" ops or training time. Unsupported games will not have their own subforums though I am CONSIDERING making a subforum for some of the more popular unsupported games.

At this time, the games which are supported are:

Planetside 2

We do have a couple of games which are being considered for supported status, which brings us to the process for getting support for a game:

First, some criteria. In order for a game to become a supported title, it MUST meet the following criteria:

A) It must be a multiplayer game capable of supporting teams. (MMORPG's meet this criteria)

B) For adversarial multiplayer (PVP) it must support large teams (more than 10-12 men per team)

C) For co-op multiplayer, it must allow for an open world environment with visibility to other players and groups.

D) The game must provide an opportunity for training new members (this means that the game must allow for the possibility of training people, either via private servers or protected areas)

Once these criteria have been met, the person interested in getting support must create a Concept of Operations or "CONOP" for the game. The CONOP must contain information about the game including:

Summary of the game - What is it? MMO, FPS, MMORPG, MMOFPS, MMOCFS, etc...

Why should we support it

Include any additional pertinient information which may help with gaining support. These can be things like:

Game modes

Supported players

Training possibilities

Recruiting possibilities

Community information (how many people are active players)

Include a proposed "organization assessment" (i.e. what roles can be created and filled?)

Basic Training Syllabus - this does not need to be a lengthy affair. Determine how many days it will require and what subjects will be covered on which days. Again, this is not a lengthy affair as it is not a FULL syllabus, it is only a rough outline.

Advanced Skills (Roles) List - Will there be "advanced" classes which will require additional training and certification over and above basic training?

Proposed Schedule - What will happen on what days? Training? Ops? Recruiting?

Recruitment Plan - How will we recruit? Will we be able to bring people into the clan from this game? HOW?

Also include a REALISTIC assessment of how long we should be able to maintain official support for the game, understanding that NO game will be supported indefinitely.

Once this is complete, submit the CONOP to senior staff and we will review it and either make a decision or ask for more info. It is in your best interest to make sure this CONOP is as information-rich as possible because if we have to turn around and ask for more information too many times, we will likely summarily dismiss the game and it will end up in the unsupported category.

Remember : One of the main features we are looking for in a game is the possibility for recruiting new members from that game. In order to do that, the game and the people playing the game must afford us the opportunity to shine as a clan. The better we look, the more people will want in and the more we can grow.

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