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Will the iPhone 5 be a disappointment?


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Obviously, it's not going to be a sales disappointment, but with as little as they're throwing into each new version of iOS, and how little they're changing the design, it seems like everyone's prime to rip on it, especially as Android devices have bested it in hardware and as an OS. Oh, and this was supposed to be the phone that launched last year, as rumors are to believed.

Will we see many 'close but no cigar' reviews?

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I don't think so. It's going to have a larger screen and be a 4G phone. Honestly, I'll probably get it after my contract is up. I love my Lumia and Windows Phone. But son of a bitch, the lack of apps are killing me softly.

What about Android, did you not like that? I don't think I'll stick with the iPhone unless there is something really innovative. Everyone else is pushing screen size and beefy guts. I think Apple is just staying safe now.

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