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‘Elysium’ Review: A Worthwhile Action Flick

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  • 2 years later...
Take the last 20 minutes of D9 (with that guy in the mech blowing stuff up) and peanut butter it across 2hrs and you'll get Elysium. I love what they did with the weapons.

Simple comment, but now I'm officially sold on it. I may see it tomorrow.

I hope this can toss a few more Mechs. I love Mechs.

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Finally saw it and really enjoyed it. As for style, it reminded me a lot of what I saw Judge Dredd a year ago, except the setting was not so confined. Many of the weapons, ships, and robots were badass especially that ChemRail gun.

The only thing I really wanted more of was more "Feats of Strength" from Robo-Damon. I mean we should see things that justify going through the ordeal of installing hardware beyond his Johnny Mnemonic USB head jack.

I suppose the story is a tad simplistic and the Rich People hoarding their spacebucks were just flat characters, and yet..... this does seem to reflect reality in some ways and I'm not just thinking of the Mexican border. I would say this a distanced observational social commentary which is not totally satisfying but works.

I do kind of think there is something more subtle going on, but would be tricky to explore more and pull off right. Basically, the rich are fearful of the poor.

Imagine being in a water raft and many people are swimming toward you to get on. I think for the Rich, Elysium is their raft the created far away in space and they have feared the hungry masses would come to plunder it and sink it through shear numbers.

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I thought the ending was funny. It's supposed to be kind of a happy ending, where everything is fine and hood now.

So, remember the beginning? What caused all of these problems to begin with?

Over population.

So now we get all these machines that will heal everyone.

Welcome to everyone dying from starvation! Good job! LoL

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