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Sons of Odin - Weekly Schedule 12 August 2013

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Monday -

Planetside 2 - Recruiting Operations

Arma 3 - Arma 3 Mission Scenario Operations

Minecraft - Free Time

Tuesday -

Planetside 2 - Free Time Operations

Arma 3 - Free Time/Alibi Training

Minecraft - Free Time

Wednesday -

Planetside 2 - Recruiting Operations

Arma 3 - Wasteland Night on Server

Minecraft - Free Time

Thursday -

Planetside 2 - Free Time/Semi Formal Operations

Arma 3 - Mission Night

Minecraftt - Free Time

Friday -

Planetside 2 - Official Operations

Arma 3 - Domination Night

Minecraft - Free Time

Saturday -

Planetside 2 - Semi-Formal Operations

Arma 3 - Free Time

Minecraft - Free Time

Sunday - Admin Day


Sundays are the official officer admin day, if you have specific issues/concerns see your friendly local Sons of Odin officer before then and we will bring up your concern before the council.

Valhalla Awaits;


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