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Guys seriously

Donate $5 and get BF3 and Sims 3 as well!


I got Mirror's Edge, Deadspace 1 & 3 , Crysis 2, Burnout and Medal of honor for donating!

Be sure to jump on this meow...

Also all the above minus BF3, Sims 3 and Deadspace 3 -- EA IS OFFERING STEAM CODES FOR



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Bradders I checked around the Steam forums, and it seems that at least the Steam keys are having no problem for UK buyers. People are having issues with the Origin keys, but it's not due to anything about geographical location it's problems with their servers being overloaded by all the traffic. Even if you can't get the Origin only games to work for now, you might as well pay the $5 for all the Steam games, it's definitely worth it.   :)

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