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MEPIS Linux: it just works

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Trying out this Linux distro is the complete opposite experience of digging into the nuts and bolts of FreeBSD Unix command line just to get a freakin desktop running.

MEPIS basically takes the well tested Debian stable releases and packages it together with the features of the KDE desktop. Also, when I install regular Debian, I have to install the Wifi driver and get Flashplayer plugin just to get YouTube working. With MEPIS this is already done.

This is actually a Linux I would recommend to a total beginner. The Linux files system is a little bit different as there are no drive letters, but I have this running just fine on my Netbook plus a really old Laptop. So, if you come across old equipment bogged down with a poorly maintained Windows, it's really worth a shot starting over with MEPIS. I mean this old laptop was given to me with the desktop covered with icons and at least 5 dialogue boxes would popup after every boot up. It was a damn mess I did not want to cleanup so I started over. Now it's seriously like a new machine.

I am also intrigued with the KDE tool Konqueror. It is a combined File Browser and Web Browser in one app and I have found this very convenient for doing FTP. Like a web browser, I could type in ftp://www.server.com in the address bar. But since this is also a file browser it lets me click and drag files just as easily as my local file browser window. It just feels more convenient than FileZilla to me. Especially if I'm on a web page that links to a FTP. I should be able to click the link and be in a FTP file browser.

Aside from Konqueror, MEPIS comes with standalone web browser Iceweasel which is basically a "rebranded" Firefox. You should easily be able to install Chrome or the Chromium variant if you prefer.

MEPIS also comes prepacked with the LibreOffice suite so I like that. LibreOffice can also write to MS Word .doc files so you can still send files to Windows computers.


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