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It seems like my original Fringe thread got lost in the forum transfer.  Anyway, I'm almost halfway through Season 2 and would highly recommend this to fans of Sci-Fi and dark offbeat humor.


It can be tempting at first to compare this show with The X-Files but I think as FRINGE progresses  the characters actually achieve progress. IMO it always seemed like Mulder would gain ground and lose it all or his evidence would disappear. 


That is not so with Fringe.  At first, the odd events are just referred to as The Pattern, which is a nice easy excuse to have random shit happening all the time. Eventually, the show comes into it's own developing a mythology and what suggests a coming battle between neighboring Universes.  The main FBI Agent successfully meets up with a scientist William Bell(Leonard Nimoy) who traveled to the other Universe.


I'm also intrigued with The Observers which are like classic Men In Black that might be from the future. 


The best part of the this show is the scientist Dr. Walter Bishop let go from a mental institution so he can help FRINGE division solve bizarre cases.  He is like a good guy mad scientist guarding some of this own secrets and having to much enthusiasm for autopsies while also professing a great love of LSD and psychadelics.




This is a minor Spoiler clip from Season 2.  I don't think it ruins the show if you watch it.  I'm including because it shows what the show is building up to and where it is going. Olivia meets William Bell(Nimoy) in the alternate universe and yes his office is on the WTC.



First Intro scene of The Observer. 




Just a DVD trailer for Season One.


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This show is crazy.  I love it. 


Watching an episode with time looping with Peter Weller guest starring in it.  Just cool to see him in something like this.  Oddly enough, Weller is a cyborg or something in this.

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