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ArmaIII on Sale on Steam

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How well does it take advantage of multi core CPUs? I have a nice i5 4 core, but PS2 doesn't really use them

My guess is not very well - the coding for Arma is ... well... sub par.


My system is as follows and it runs @ 40++fps at MAX settings with mods enabled:


Intel i7 2700K @ 4.2

NVidia GTX 560Ti (there are two, but they are not SLi - so the game runs on one full dedicated GPU)



An i5 should be able to hand the game easily assuming you are not recording / steaming / etc.

Anything above a Gen 5 NVidia GPU with higher rating than X50 (ei: anything better than or equal to / or more current than a 550Ti) should be able to handle the game with ease.


It is not the most optimized game, but it is also not impossible to run.

If you are on a well coded mission file (which ours are) then you should be fine.

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On second thought, do you think this game will be in the steam spring sale? If so will it be cheaper?


It might be, but I highly doubt it will be cheaper, or it might go to %50 off, which is barely different. And right now Odin needs more ArmaIII people for Project Valhalla

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