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Ok guys. Here are some guidelines for your time in the forums. Check that, these aren't guidelines, these are hard rules.

1) Racist discussion / posts WILL NOT be tolerated. Ever. You will be banned.

2) Nude photos / pornography WILL NOT be tolerated. Ever. You will be banned.

3) You may use this forum for tactical discussion, game discussion, beta discussion and personal chat. You may not, however, attempt to hijack threads or derail topics with nonsense. Please stay on topic.

4) See 1 and 2, above.

5) If you are ever removed from the clan, for any reason, you will be removed from the forum as well.

6) This is a secret forum. Only those with access and admins may see it. It will stay that way. Please don't ask for access for your friends, brother, sister, dog, cousin, father, mother, neighbor or boss. If they aren't in the clan, they aren't in the forum.

Remember that this forum is part of a business and conduct yourselves accordingly. If you do that, all will be awesome.

Also, 1 and 2, above.

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