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What are some common file formats that employers prefer for CVs?

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Guest nooooncv


The most common file formats for CVs that employers prefer are Word documents (.doc or .docx) and PDFs. These file formats are widely recognized and compatible with most computer systems.

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Word documents (.doc or .docx) are preferred by some employers because they are editable, allowing the hiring team to easily make notes or changes to the document if needed. Additionally, some applicant tracking systems (ATS) may be better able to parse the information in a Word document.

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PDFs are also a popular choice because they preserve the formatting of the CV and are generally compatible with most computer systems. PDFs are also more secure, as they cannot be easily edited or altered by others. Some employers may require a PDF format to ensure consistency and to avoid issues with formatting.

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It's important to note that different employers or industries may have specific preferences for file formats, so it's always a good idea to check the job posting or company's website for any specific instructions or guidelines. Additionally, it's a good idea to send the CV in both Word and PDF formats, to provide the hiring team with flexibility in how they review and use the document.

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