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Oculus Rift Purchased by Facebook


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What, you guys don't think the massive flood of *-ville games for the Oculus will be good?  


Or the fact that every time you put it on, it will want to share what you're doing with the entire world?


Or the idea that you'll have to accept some entirely new 100,000 word privacy policy every 3 weeks?


Or that the thing will just make up status updates that have nothing to do with what you're really doing?


Or that every time you turn around, it will be trying to microtransact you into the poor-house?


Come, now...how could those be bad things?

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As far as I can see, it's just Facebook pulling another fantastic business move. Oculus has a ton of potential for being a big seller. Facebook has promised to stay out of it, development-wise. If I was Facebook, I would try and buy Oculus too. They are going to make a pretty penny on this purchase.


On the other end, Oculus made a smart move selling out. They now have a massive sponsor to speed up development and put more money in their pockets.


Oculus dev's have backed up Facebook's promise to stay out of the development of the OR. As long as that holds true, nothing to worry about.


P.S. - I hate Facebook more than most. Keep that in mind when reading my reply.

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