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Goat Simulator looks amazing

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"I just want to point out that Goat Simulator has a Field of View slider and Call of Duty Ghosts doesn't. If that doesn't speak to the glaring incopetance of Infinity Ward, I don't know what does."


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I'm going to be that guy. I'm going to live up to the nickname that BigRob gave me. I'm going to roll in here and shit all over this parade and be The Seagull.




No, "Goat Simulator" does NOT look amazing. It looks like crap. I'm sure it's fun for a few hours to run around, find some easter eggs and headbutt some farmers into something that makes them explode and go flying or some crap... but honestly, to me at least, it looks like a half finished game that I would never pay $20 for, or whatever their asking price was. I'm sure there was much hard work, many long hours, put into the game, and I respect the guys that put it together, but this game looks like exactly what it is: a physics sandbox with very little thought beyond "Hey, what if we made the player a goat and they could headbutt people and shit?". That's not enough of a game for me.

The best part about this is that this is simply my opinion of it. You guys are welcome to buy it, play it, and spend many happy hours laughing at the hilarity you find. I'll not think any less of you for doing so, because this is the Sons of Odin and the whole reason for this gaming community is to find games we enjoy and spend our time playing them. So that being said "More Power To Ya!"


I'll pass, so don't mind me.     :D

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