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First and foremost, this game is not Star Citizen, nor is it trying to be Star Citizen.

Who has heard of Limit Theory?
Limit Theory

I just learned about it yesterday and proceeded to watch every youtube video he's made so far. For those that don't know about it, I'll try and sum it up:

Imagine the game Freelancer, now instead of a designed universe, everything is procedurally generated...and I mean everything, planets, asteroids, stars, debris fields, nebulae, solar systems, etc. But it doesn't stop there, ALL ships and space stations are procedurally generated, enemies, friendlies, AI controlled merchants, traders, military...all factions. All missions are procedurally generated based on need. Who needs? Well that's based on the economy, a real economy based on supply and demand. Who creates the supply? Everyone, AI and you do. Who creates the demand. The same, AI and you do.And that is because....

dun dun dun!....crafting.

Yes, imagine Freelancer, but everything is procedurally generated AND it has crafting of weapons, materials, tools, ships

Oh yeah, you'll be designing your own ships too, shaping volumetric structures, designating hard points and thruster points. The game will create hundreds or thousands of procedurally generated ships, but you can also design them.

And you can own more then one ship, actually you can own a fleet, and command that fleet. You can own space stations and bases.

He's been working on the game for about a year and a half, getting funded through Kickstarter. He keeps a dev journal and once a month he'll post a video update where he talks about all the new stuff that's been added. And he's very active with his community, made several changes during development based on feedback.

And the thing I really like about his videos is that he's always upbeat and enthusiastic about what he's working on. At no point is he slowing down or losing interest. In fact just the opposite, he seems to get excited and more motivated as the game becomes more defined. This is what indy game design is all about.

If this interests you at all, go watch his videos and you'll learn tons about what he's done so far and all the goals he has for the game. Limit Theory Youtube channel

He's estimating a release date this summer. He has already stated that the first release will be single player only. He wants to get the game out to the backers without slowing it down trying to incorporate multiplayer. But he's probably going to build that into a future release.


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