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AMD Catalyst driver and Raptr

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I installed the new AMD Catalyst video driver and it now installs a game distribution service called Raptr. Raptr also works with your system to optimize games for AMD graphics cards. So I decide to not uninstall it immediately and see how it does. It does seem to improve my PS2 gameplay a bit, slightly higher framerate.


However, I also noticed my entire computer system freezes momentarily, fairly often. I've given it a day to see if anything changes but it's the same today as yesterday. So I uninstalled Raptr. Most all of the OS freezes have gone away.


I'm wondering if anyone else with AMD cards is having the same experience?

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Seems like that is to compete with nVidia's "nVidia Experience" software. It will optimize games for your GPU as well.


However, can't speak to AMD drivers/software. They seem to be notoriously bad with their drivers though.


I might recommend seeing if there are modded drivers for your card to fix the AMD driver issues.

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