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Desktop Calendar Tray OK 4.01


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Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK 4.01 | 260.61 KB |

Interface language: Russian, English and others

System requirements:
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, ... , Server 2012-2019, 2022 (x86 / x64)

Having a calendar on your Windows desktop is very convenient. For example, you can quickly navigate to the desired month or date and view it with this Windows desktop tool. Now you can see the first day of the week and the week view is also very handy. It's not a complicated event scheduling and notification tool!
But that's not all, the calendar will also show you the daily difference when you click on a specific date, as well as how many weeks plus days are left until that date. Very handy for the office if you often schedule meetings and your head is so full that you have no idea how many days or weeks are left before that important date. It is very convenient that the date is available in both short and long date format, so you can easily use it by copying and pasting to other programs.
This desk calendar will be a great helper at work and in everyday life. It is easy to use, does not interfere with the work of other programs and is always at hand.


Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK 4.01 (260.61 KB)
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