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Power Shortcuts v1.3.2


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Power Shortcuts v1.3.2 | 3.22 MB |

This app uses accessibility service to implement some features.


Some features of this application are implemented by non-open (unofficial) API of Android framework.
This means that they are not guaranteed to work properly on all Android devices.
Please do not give less stars just because it does not work on your device.

• Application: Set some predefined settings when launching an app.
• Activity: Find out some hidden activities in your device.
• Intent: Try a lot of predefined intents or make your own one.
• Content: Open quickly one of your contents like photo, music or video.
• Website: Open a website.
• Contact: Quick access, dial, text or mail to a contact.
• Quick setting: Switch easily some quick settings.
• System: Simple system functions like flash light, screen lock and so on.
• Key injection: Inject tons of key codes like media play/pause, power button and so on.


Power Shortcuts v1.3.2 (3.22 MB)
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