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Need some ideas - For a music system

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So I'm more or less there with this idea but could use some extra input, so feel free to throw in some ideas or criticize.


"The Powerpoint Radio"

Basically as some of you may know I sort of assistant manage a pub, and I'll be honest, this pub is incredibly outdated and could really use bringing into the 21st century. Now we have many TVs in the pub, but there is a nice smaller 24'' Sony LED just above the bar, which serves as the "music TV". The sound is fairly decent on it so its serves its purpose as a background music system (since here in Spain if you wanted speakers you would need to pay for an entertainment license, which would then remove your restaurant license in the process, so in short, you can't serve food and play any music through speakers (irrelevant of whether its live or not) in a single business). Yes we are full of retarded laws like that, but hey.


So as it stands normally this TV is plugged into our Sky box (which is basically UK cable equivalent), which since they changed satellites last year and we lost 80% of the channels on it, is a useless box, but it does pick up most UK radio stations, so normally this TV just shows the radio channel and is left on that for the day. The cons with this is that obviously the radio channel has annoying repetitive adverts on it, talking, news, weather and traffic reports, which we don't really want to hear. Also the screen is just showing a blank blue screen with the name of the radio channel on it, and that's it.


So my idea for fixing this, is basically using a USB flash drive (which can be inserted into the TV and played directly), upload a file onto it, which would have a consecutive playlist of music (just copy the radios playlist for a couple of days and download them). So in total about 16 hours worth of music, on an individual file, so that first thing in the morning they just press play and don't have to touch it for the rest of the day.


Meanwhile as far as the screen goes, assuming the file we are playing is in fact a video, the image would simply be a powerpoint style presentation, of stuff we offer at the pub (i.e free advertising for ourselves, things such as "Quiz night every night from 10pm, Bingo every night at 11pm, Sunday dinners freshly made at 6.50€ etc etc), with the appropriate pictures and fonts to make it look nice. So assume there was 10 or so pictures in total, and each is on for say 10 seconds, it then just loops them over and over for the duration of the playlist.


Now this idea looks and sounds good on paper, and I've made good progress with it, but hit some obstacles. First is the software actually used for it. Currently I've made the images using Paint (which may sound silly but I am a bit of a wizard with Paint) and then made the video itself using Windows Movie Maker. It looks ok, but it's merely a shadow of what I could create if I had more powerful tools, actually being able to animate those pictures to make scrolling text and such would be nice. I've had a look at the trial version of Sony Vegas, which while it looks incredibly over complicated (not really a problem I could work it out), it decides to put a nice big water mark on the whole thing (because it's trial obviously), which simply won't do. Naturally I'm probably not going to be dishing out a three figure quantity of money for some top notch editing software that I probably am not going to use ever again, and am not even getting the full functionality out of.


The second problem here is the file size, naturally the end product is a 16 hour long movie file, which even compressed is about 20gb, while yes I could get a 32gb USB, I'd ideally like to keep it smaller and simpler than that.


So to sum it up, I'm looking for ideas with:


-Software and exact method of going about making the presentation.

-Any further ideas on keeping the file size down.


My pub isn't the only incredibly outdated one in the area, so if this idea works well, I may just take it to other places and try and make a few extra quid.


Any help and input in this matter is greatly appreciated.



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