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Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Build 19045.3324 x64 ReviOS (23.08.2023)


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Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Build 19045.3324 x64 ReviOS (23.08.2023) | 3.72 GB |

Interface language: English

Treatment: required, but not available

System requirements:
1 GHz dual-core processor
2 GB of system memory (RAM)
15-20 GB of free disk space (20- 25GB for upgrade)
64-bit compatible

The assembly is based on Windows 10 x64, the functionality is not curtailed, with the exception of tracking modules. Improved performance, stability and compatibility. The goal is simple - to create exactly what the user really needs without the extra "body kit" that only Microsoft needs, while not violating the integrity of the system with unnecessary "cuts", which will allow it to be used without interference for any tasks.
UWP/Appx Bundles (Photos, Camera, WebExperience (widgets), Alarms, Maps, Notes, Windows Mail, People, Bing News & Weather, Solitaire Collection, Office Hub, Feedback Hub, Get Help, Getting Started, Tasks, PowerAutomateDesktop , Cortana, QuickAssist, MicrosoftFamily , ZuneMusic, ZuneVideo, Sound Recorder, Clipchamp, Whiteboard, OneDrive, MicrosoftTeamsforSurfaceHub, MailforSurfaceHub, Power BI, Skype, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, 3DViewer, Paint 3D, Teams, PeopleExperienceHost, SecureAssessmentBrowser, Spotify UWP, Disney, Edge Chromium, Edge Legacy, Microsoft EdgeDevToolsClient, AdvertisingXAML, MixedReality.Portal)
Unnecessary system components:
Privacy: Telemetry Client, CEIP (SQM), Error Reporting, and Targeted Content Service - 32-bit.
Windows Insider Program, First Sign In Animation, UNP, Windows To Go, Retail Demo Content, Photo Viewer - 32-bit, Intel Indeo Codecs
Screensavers, Themes

Brave Browser
Revision Tool from build creator

The customized version of the power plan "High performance" - "Ultra" is activated.
The increase and decrease thresholds are set to 10 and 8.
Optimizes power settings for 12th Gen Intel processors or later.
It is preferable to use performance cores for priority applications and situations with heavy loads.
Preventing multithreading from "parking"
BCD Settings
Disables the tick of the dynamic timer
Disables HPET if enabled
Force Legacy Boot Policy
Enables Last Known Good Configuration mode

ReadyBoost/Superfetch for SSDs to reduce latency and system usage.
Memory compression
NTFS last access time and version 3.8 for performance and security reasons.
Unnecessary background drivers and services:
Beep, bam, dam, NetBT, PcaSvc, DPS, WdiServiceHost, WdiSystemHost, tcpipreg
Telemetry, Diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service, WerSvc, DiagTrack, wisvc in case Windows updates reinstall them.
Security Services - Sense, SecurityHealthService, WinDefend, WdNisSvc, WdNisDrv, WdBoot, WdFilter, MsSecFlt, webthreatdefsvc, webthreatdefusersvc, wscsvc, SgrmAgent, SgrmBroker (can be enabled using the Revision Tool)
Security features to improve performance (can be changed using the Revision Tool)
Fast startup and sleep mode (can be enabled using the Revision Tool)
Memory control and automatic maintenance.
Check disk on boot
Automatic BitLocker encryption.
data usage

Security features to improve performance (can be changed using the Revision Tool)
Defender and its security services
SmartScreen disabled
Intel TSX is enabled for supported systems.
Specter and meltdown protection is disabled.
Virtualization Based Security
Windows Update Policies
Automatic updates disabled
Hidden in settings to prevent accidental updates.
The Install Updates and Shut Down dialog box is hidden.
Driver updates via Windows Update are disabled (can be enabled using the Revision Tool).
Disables Windows Update power management to automatically wake up the system to install scheduled updates.
Windows update notifications are disabled.
Prevents installation of MSR Tool
Disables the Insider Program
Reserved storage for updates is disabled.
Minor Explorer tweaks
Take ownership via context menu
Individual folder view, relevant information only (name/size/date modified/date created)
Display full path in title bar
Always show more detailed information in the file copy dialog.
Show Task View button on the taskbar
Do not track Shell shortcuts while roaming
Dark Mode
JPEG wallpaper compression
The system beeps
The text "-label" when creating a label.
Windows low disk space check
New weather and news widgets.
Microsoft accounts are optional
Prevents interaction with Windows Spotlight, Content Delivery Manager, WebServices, WindowsMovieMaker, OnlineAssistance components.
Removes the Windows Error Reporting, CEIP, and Telemetry Client components, and prevents connections if they are reinstalled with Windows Updates.
Disabled online tips
Disabled application compatibility telemetry.
Web search disabled
Windows telemetry minimal list blocked.
Sending KMS client activation data is not allowed.
Prevent handwriting recognition data and error reporting from being sent.
Win32PrioritySeparation changed to 26/38 - Short Quantum, variable, 3x foreground gain
SvcHostSplitThresholdInKB changed to match your memory size.
Disabled search indexing when unplugged on laptops to conserve battery power.
Search indexing automatically changes under the following conditions:
The computer is in battery saver, maximum power efficiency, or gaming mode.
Process utilization exceeds 80%
Disk usage is over 70%
The old "Windows Photo Viewer" has been restored.
The following security measures are included:
CFG for Vanguard
ASLR for osu!

Full screen optimization
Support for Windows Update, just hidden in the settings to prevent accidental updates (can be enabled using the Revision Tool)
Windows Mail




Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Build 19045.3324 x64 ReviOS (23.08.2023) (3.72 GB)

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