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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2023 (v23.6.20320) x86 Multilingual PreActivated by m0nkrus


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Acrobat.Pro.2023.x86 | 1.11 GB |

Platform : Windows x86-x64

Interface language : English / Hungarian / Dutch / Danish / Spanish / Italian / Chinese (simplified) / Chinese (traditional) / Korean / German / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Slovak / Slovenian / Turkish / Ukrainian / Finnish / French / Czech / Swedish / Japanese / English with Arabic support / English with Hebrew support / French (Morocco)

requirements :
• Intel or AMD processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz or higher
• 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows 11; Windows Server 64-bit 2008R2-2019
• 2 GB RAM
• 4.5 GB available hard drive space
• 1024x768 display
• Hardware video acceleration (optional)

Adobe Acrobat Prois a comprehensive solution for working with PDF documents on desktop PCs, mobile devices and web browsers. The program allows you to view, edit and manage PDF files, as well as convert documents opened in any application that supports the print function into this format. In addition, you can convert any Microsoft Office format document, as well as viewed web pages, to PDF. You can use any review tools in documents: edits, notes, footnotes, and work with graphics. Adobe Acrobat Proprovides an opportunity for team work on documents; it offers modern cloud solutions that allow you to access files from mobile devices. At the same time, all the progress of the previous editing and even the location of the last view is saved.
Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Pro 2023
- Work from anywhere
Stay productive and access critical documents across your desktop, mobile device and the web. Receive status and activity notifications for documents sent or received for review, review, or signature, and stay active across all devices.

- Convert creative project files and images to PDF files
Convert Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and lnDesign files into PDF documents.

- Create secure PDF files
Set restrictions on copying and editing confidential information.

- Simplify and speed up verification of PDF documents
Collect group reviews into a single PDF file online without the reviewer logging in. Let reviewers see each other's feedback and resolve conflicting comments using @ comments. Track and manage reviews anywhere.

- Edit images and text in PDF
Correct typos or flip images in PDF from your computer, iPad or Android tablet.

- Export PDF files to Office documents
Convert PDF files to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents while maintaining formatting.
List of changes made
What has been changed by the author of the assembly:
- An update has been integrated, thanks to which the original version turned into version 23.6.20320.
- A start menu has been added to the installer, modeled after a similar menu for assemblies of modern products of the Creative Cloud family.
- The Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, which is launched by default by the original installer, is disabled.
- The Acrobat auto-update service, which is started by default by the original installer, is disabled.
- The program has already been treated. Can be used immediately after installation.
Question: I want to set the display languages when installing Acrobat. How to do it?
Answer: If you want to have several languages of the program interface "on board" at the same time, then to start the installation, click not "Install", but "Customize" and set the languages you need.

Question: The installation was not completed due to an unknown error. What to do?
Answer: The standard Windows Installer is used for installation. Enter the error code into Google and search there for detailed information about the problem and how to fix it.

Question: What about medications for this version of the program?
Answer:Using the hacker WhiteDeath's method, patched files Acrobat.dll, acrodistdll.dll and acrotray.exe were released. I have built the disinfected files into the installer, so you do not need to do anything special for the treatment. Just in case, the original files are saved with the extension *.bak. To restore them, remove the .bak extension from these files and replace the existing patched files with them.

Q: I can't connect to the Adobe server with my ID. What should I do?
Answer: Unfortunately, an authorization mechanism that fully preserves the functionality of the program is not available.

Question: Will the medicine used in the assembly work with the program after it is updated?
Answer: Experience shows that no, it won't.

Question: Is there a way to completely clear the system of traces of past Acrobat installations?
Answer: Use the official Adobe utility AcroCleaner for this purpose


Acrobat.Pro.2023.x86 (1.11 GB)

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