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Tui flights to Goa from Manchester


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We have booked for Goa with Tui 11th November 2022
After hearing that lots of people are having their flights cancelled by Tui from Manchester to Goa in November we got in touch with Tui store that we booked with, who said flight was ok, after we asked them to find out more they said yes our flight and others from Manchester is cancelled and we would be emailed about it this was over a week ago and still not heard anything having paid £300 for two Indian visas I am very disappointed in Tui
Anyone wishing to go to Goa must apply for visa £150 non refundable
It seems it depends who you speak to when you get in touch with Tui about whether the flight is going or not quite a few have had refunds already others are unsure about applying for visas but without visa you cant fly and if cancelled no visa refund

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I know I'm chiming in a year late, but I just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to add my thoughts. It's incredibly frustrating to deal with uncertainties like flight cancellations, especially when you've already invested in non-refundable visas. I can imagine the level of disappointment and confusion you must have felt.
For those reading this thread now and pondering similar travel conundrums, one alternative to consider is private jet rentals. I know it sounds like a stretch, but hear me out. Private jet services like those offered by https://www.aerialjets.com/fort-lauderdale-private-jet-rentals-are-here-for-you/ provide a higher level of reliability and personalized service compared to commercial airlines.

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