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How To Measure Your Wig Length


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Many customers receive an error between the size of the 360 Lace purchased online and the size actually received, but they don't know why. In fact, every merchant operates in good faith, and there may be several reasons for errors. Let us analyze and solve these problems together.


After statistics and analysis, we have summarized four kinds of problems and proposed improvement measures


The texture of the hair is different

At the same length, curly hair is about two inches shorter than straight hair. Under this background, many people contact our customer service directly when they get a 360 Frontal Closure and say they have been cheated. In fact, curly hair is processed by straight hair. In the past, the length of the curl formed does not look like the length of straight hair in its natural state. Therefore, the correct way to measure curls is to straighten the curls and waves, and then measure them from the tip to the longest point of the tail. The measurement method for straight 360 Lace Frontal Closure is the measured value in the natural state.


Measured position difference

Regardless of the texture of the wig, the measurement should start from the root of the 360 Wigs Lace Front, and then start with the measuring tape. Many people like to start from the center of the hair cap. In fact, this measurement method is not accurate.


Direction of measurement

Normally, your measurement direction should be vertical downwards. If you deviate or incline when measuring, the measured data must be smaller than the actual data.


Multiple measurements

Generally speaking, the result of one measurement may not be so accurate. You need to repeat the measurement three times and then take the average value, which is almost the same as the actual result of the measurement.


For wig lengths of various hairstyles, they all have a similar hair length and proclaim that it is the most well-known decision for our clients. For this load of hairpieces, we have 3 sorts of lengths-short, medium and long hair hairpieces. Wig hair length is a critical piece of the choice cycle on the grounds that the manner in which the hairpiece falls will decide how well it fits you.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com


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