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Guide To Play Over-Under Bet in Football Betting


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When choosing and playing soccer betting, surely many of you may feel unsure about certain types of bets. In this article, let's delve into the over-under bet, one of the most popular soccer betting types today.
What does over-under bet mean?
Over-under bet is a term referring to a type of wager commonly found in major bookmakers' bets.
In a football match, when both sides engage in the "battle," there will be a certain difference in terms of physicality, lineup, experience, and ability. Stemming from this difference, we divide the two teams into over and under bets.
The over bet refers to the team with a higher level in any aspect. Conversely, the under bet is considered the weaker team in certain aspects.
When choosing the over, bookmakers base their selection on various criteria. Usually, it's the well-known teams with high playing potential and recognition in the football industry. Therefore, the over team is perceived to have a higher chance of winning when playing at a higher level.
Consequently, the under team with lower fighting ability and evaluated lower in certain factors against the opponent in the same match will have a higher losing rate.
Therefore, when setting odds for both teams, bookmakers offer a handicap for players betting on the over. This demonstrates fairness between the over and under bets.
How to differentiate between over and under bets?
As evident, determining which team is the over and which is the under requires a lot of information at football tips .Thus, you can rest assured that once you've identified the over-under teams, bookmakers have meticulously and surely evaluated them.
Understanding the odds in over-under bets
When engaging in online soccer betting, besides comprehending what over-under bets mean, you also need to understand the handicap odds when placing bets. This will help you determine the betting odds and have a clearer understanding of the match situation.
(1) Half-ball handicap odds in over-under bets
In the over-under betting category, the half-ball handicap odds are considered by many experts and players as having the highest potential for winning money.
The half-ball handicap is simply where the over team gives the under team half a ball into the net.
For instance: In a match between Juventus and Real Madrid, where Real Madrid is considered superior, given a half-ball handicap, and you place a bet:
If both Real Madrid and Juventus have the same or lower score, Juventus will win. =≫ You will lose the bet.
If Real Madrid scores more goals than Juventus => You will win.
(2) Quarter-ball handicap odds
Different from the half-ball handicap, with a quarter-ball handicap, in the event of a draw between Juventus and Real Madrid, if you bet on the under, you will receive half of your betting amount.
Conversely, if you bet on the over and lose, you will only lose half of your betting amount.
(3) Handicap ratio ¾ ball
With the over/under bet form and a handicap ratio of ¾ ball in play, the underdog team will be given a 0.75 goal advantage over the superior team. This means that the favored team must score at least 2 goals to win the bet against the underdog team.
If you bet on the underdog team and the superior team only leads by 1 goal against the underdog, you'll only lose half of the betting amount. This also implies that in case of a draw or if the underdog team wins, you'll receive returns on your bet.
USA vs Iran, World Cup 2022 result: Americans reach last 16 after Pulisic  winner
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Should you choose to bet on the superior team or the underdog team?
This question always draws attention from many when they start betting. However, the conclusion can vary based on individual experience and the ability to observe the match situation.
According to the opinions of many experts, opting for the underdog team results in higher chances of winning the bet.
However, according to Wintips, to answer this question, you must gather information to understand the strengths of both teams involved in the bet, or engage in groups with experts discussing football teams to gain insights when selecting a betting line.
However, it's crucial to understand that in football, especially in football, there will always be continuous surprises.
Therefore, no betting line is ever a guaranteed win, and it's essential to maintain a positive spirit to avoid disappointment when the result doesn't meet expectations.
Moreover, you should continually exchange information and gather experience with daily betting tips app to analyze accurate betting lines to improve your chances of winning.
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about over/under betting
Question 1: Can you place over/under bets on every match?
This is a fairly basic type of bet, so almost every football match will have this type of bet available.
Question 2: What is the maximum bet for this line?
Depending on each match and the bookmaker, the maximum/minimum betting amounts will vary. However, you can confidently place relatively high and flexible bets based on your needs.
Question 3: What should be considered in over/under betting?
Understanding the game situation, tactics, and the playing condition of the teams involved in the match.
Prioritize matches where one team is significantly stronger than the other.
Place bets around 15 minutes before the match to avoid unexpected betting locks.
Avoid going all in because in football, no one can predict the outcome beforehand.
These are some pieces of information you should know about the over/under betting category in football betting, especially football. This betting ratio can bring many interesting surprises, but it demands experience and certain knowledge in the field of betting you choose.
Hopefully, through this article, you'll acquire the necessary information to start your betting journey and achieve victorious wins. Good luck!
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