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Youtube ReVanced Extended Music v6.29.56 Non Root 2.201.7


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Youtube ReVanced Extended Music v6.29.56 Non Root 2.201.7 | 65.74 MB |

Free video player
Also known as YouTube ReVanced, the ReVanced APK is a free Windows video player that provides those who download it the same features as YouTube premium for free. It enables users to watch all the site's videos in the background.
ReVanced is designed by contributions made by a community of developers after the previous version (YouTube Vanced) was forced to be discontinued following Google's cease and desist letter. ReVanced is its successor and continues the YouTube Vanced legacy, which is now available for Windows 10. Similar alternative free video players are available for download, including





Open-source APK
As this is an open-source application, users are allowed to apply their personal customisations to make their experience unique. Users can force 60 fps (frames per second) on playbacks and override any codecs. The app also allows users to override the SDR (standard dynamic range) and 4K settings to HDR (high dynamic range) for brighter, more impactful visual effects.

Legacy features intact
ReVanced takes its core features from the original YouTube Vance. With sponsored ads and advertisements blocked, the app allows videos to play seamlessly in the background, as well as offering auto repeats, picture-in-picture and featuring a perfect AMOLED dark mode. Dark mode saves energy on a device as fewer pixels are needed to be individually lit to display what's on the device's screen.

Enjoy all the premium features
Users can enjoy all the same advantages of having a premium YouTube account, including access to all content, without being exposed to interfering ads and sponsored information. There's no need to configure the app to the individual device. Installation is completed automatically, so it's quick to start all the premium features immediately.

Fantastic alternative
This apk is backed and designed by a passionate community of developers. Weexpect more great additions to the app that will benefit all users. It's a fantastic alternative to the previous YouTube Vanced that was discontinued.
There's no better free YouTube player for Windows 10 currently available that provides all these excellent features and advantages.




️ Youtube ReVanced Extended Music v6.29.56 Non Root 2.201.7 (65.74 MB)

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