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BABY Audio Smooth Operator v1.3 VST macOS


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BABY Audio Smooth Operator v1.3 VST macOS | 95.69 MB |

Say Hello To Cleaner Mixes
✱ Intelligent plugin that automatically eliminates harsh resonances and brings out clarity
✱ Adapts to your audio in realtime to combat fatigued frequency areas
✱ Lets you sculpt your track's tonal character in a smooth and musical way
✱ Offers the fastest workflow for achieving resonance suppression, compression and EQ'ing in one process

Discover Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator combines the benefits of Resonance Suppression, Spectral Compression and Equalization into one, smart workflow. It offers a simplistic alternative to a traditional channel strip and lets you combat cluttered mixes more easily. Use the plugin to creatively sculpt your tonal balance while the algorithm automatically eliminates harsh resonances and muddy frequency areas.

Smooth Operator will do a lot of the dirty work usually assigned to compressors and EQs - while leaving the creative decisions to you.

The plugin analyzes incoming audio at the DAW's sample rate and adapts its settings tens of thousands of times per second to attenuate frequencies that have excessive energy build-up. You just set a desired frequency response curve and Smooth Operator will optimize the signal to match it, eliminating odd spikes and resonances along the way. The result is smoother, more musically balanced tracks.

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
✱ Plugin formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX.
✱ Platforms supported: Mac OS 10.7 and up (including Native M1 Compatibility). PC Windows 7 and up.
✱ DAWs supported: All major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One, Bitwig, Reaper, Reason etc.



️ BABY Audio Smooth Operator v1.3 VST macOS (95.69 MB)

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