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Calendar Widget by Home Agenda v3.7.1


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The best, with outstanding design, most complete and customisable calendar widget.

• Save your theme or import themes made by other users;
• Show events grouped per days or in a single list;
• Grouped events headers completely customisable;
• Show weather temperature in the widget toolbar;
• Show older events up to 7 days into the past;
• Choose between showing just today or tomorrow events, or show everything;
• Set the max number of days shown;
• Hide declined events;
• Hide all day events;
• Compact and super compact widget layout appearances;
• Highlight today or just running events;
• Show/hide toolbar;
• Rounded Toolbar corners;
• Toolbar color, opacity, title text size and color;
• Rounded events corners;
• Event color labels;
• Color labels as event background color;
• Events background color;
• Events text colors;
• Events opacity;
• Events title, date & description text sizes;
• Hide/show different accounts calendars;
• Events list backgroung color;
• Events list rounded corners;
• Events label circle and rectangle shapes;
• Toolbar text coloring;
• Events text title coloring;
• And more!


Calendar Widget by Home Agenda v3.7.1 (3.16 MB)

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