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AProfiles- Auto Tasks V3.43


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Do you want to switch the phone to silent, lower screen brightness, and turn off the Internet connection with one tap? Do you want to automatically switch the phone to silent when you are sleeping, but switch to normal at 7 am? aProfiles enables you to automate tasks or many things to happen on your Android device based on location, time triggers, battery level, system settings, connected Wi-Fi access point or Bluetooth device, etc.

- change multiple device settings by activating a profile
- automatically activate a profile by a rule
- support home screen widgets for quickly activating a profile
- show notification when a profile or rule is running
- specify your favorite name and icon for a profile/rule
- disable rules without deleting them
- reorder the profiles/rules list by dragging
- backup and restore you created profiles, rules, and places

- Action
An action is the most basic part of this app, a thing that the app does. Turning off WiFi is an action, switching to the vibration mode is an action.

- Profile
A profile is a group of actions. For instance, you can define a Night profile that switches the phone to silent, lowers screen brightness, and turns off the Internet connection.

- Rule
The basic concept with rules is "if X condition happens, do Y profile". A rule lets you define the start and stop profile in response to events on your device. For instance, you can define a Sleeping rule that activates the Night profile at 11 pm and activates the Normal profile at 7 am the next day.

Some actions/conditions are only available on a rooted device due to the limitation of Android.

This app collects location data to enable Location, Near Wi-Fi, Near Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, and Sunrise/Sunset conditions even when the app is closed or not in use.

- No ads
- Support more than 5 rules
- Auto backup profiles and rules
- And more, go to Settings > About > FAQ > last item

Supported actions/conditions
- Airplane mode
- App opened, Close apps, Open apps, Launch Shortcut, Send Intent
- Auto-rotate screen
- Auto-sync
- Battery level
- Bluetooth, Mobile data, NFC, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi tether, Internet connection
- Brightness, Dark theme, Display color mode
- Calendar event
- Call state, Carrier name, Roaming
- Car mode
- Default alarm/notification/ringtone sound
- Docking, Power charger
- Headset
- Location, Cell tower, Near Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, GPS
- Mute/Vibrate/Do not disturb
- My activity
- Notification posted, Clear notification
- Notification light
- Play music/ringtone, Play/Pause track
- Reboot
- Send SMS
- Screen off timeout
- Screen on/off
- Speak notification, Voice reminder, Popup message, Vibrate, Flashlight
- Time scheduler/event, Sunrise/Sunset
- Volume
- Wallpaper

Pro version


AProfiles- Auto Tasks V3.43 (7.15 MB)
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