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Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper 1.0.2


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File size: 20 MB

Your one-of-a-kind creative sequencer for instant rhythms! Generate captivating Hi-hats, Bass-lines, Short String motifs and more.

Rhythm From Shapes
Enjoy a fun new approach to music creation! Use shapes to effortlessly generate groovy rhythms, allowing your creativity to flow freely like never before.

Intelligent Magic Dice
Generate captivating hi-hats, groovy bass-lines, harmonious chords, and enchanting ostinato strings effortlessly. Let the dice roll and spark instant inspiration!

Reinvent Your Synths
Elevate your music with our cutting-edge Sampler Engine or seamlessly host your favourite synths/samplers, giving them a new magical upgrade!

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.



Pitch Innovations Groove Shaper 1.0.2 (20.2 MB)
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