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IDEA: Make the next Unreal Tournament a MOBA


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Yeah, MOBA's, or Massively Online Battle Arena's, have generally stayed within the top-down/third-person fantasy area. LoL isn't anything special to me, but I know people who love it, and some have called it the best example-to-date of good asymmetrical gaming, as well as a half-way decent cash shop.

Considering the flop that is UT3, at least by my standards, it's pretty obvious they need to make a drastic change, and since UT was already about large-scale deathmatches, vehicular warfare, and at times, point-by-point assaults... can you blame me for saying this? And now that Cliff is no longer a part of Epic at this point, I think pushing this FPS in a different direction would be a good thing, and unless they can invent an interesting mechanic (see: skiing in Tribes: Ascend), or are willing to make Unreal Tournament an MMO (see: Planetside 2), I think Epic will have to get creative to make anything new in the Unreal universe interesting...

Oh, and God help anyone, even Mr. Bleszinski if they take it into a tactical, cover-based "realistic shooter." Yeah, I know, it sounds like I'm being a rabid, un-shifting fan-boy. But here's the thing: They already have that... it's called Gears of War. Plus, shifting this FPS into an arena dominated by CoD and Battlefield is NOT something that will do anything to help UT.

Yeah, I'm defending a series that's stagnated, has no real major advantage other than nostalgia, and has almost surely been pushed out of most anyone's minds, unlike idSoftware's Doom or Quake series, which pioneered the genre. I still love the original Unreal Tournament, and I found that Unreal Tournament 2004 was the best in the series, leading into some weird offshoots like Unreal Championship, which was fun but not exactly spectacular, and at least PS3 owners can mod UT3 if they're willing to spend a lot of go-between time transferring data.

I could be purely alone in my thoughts, but it's at least something to consider with how FPS games are treated in the market today. Maybe it's time for Epic to consider coming up with a new episode in the base-line Unreal series, rather than a new tournament-centric shooter. They seem pretty confident in they're writing skills, all things considered.

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Well, they need to seriously put some creative juices to work to mix up the formula at some point if they want the next iteration to be anything more than what it's become. I still really do like the universe and how it's stayed 'mostly' true to it's roots of being an over-the-top, campy shooter. Sadly, a half-assed, single campaign with flat, uninspired characters, that's ultimately one-sided, as well as their re-branding the "OnSlaught" maps as "Unreal Warfare" mode did NOTHING but cheapen the game just a little.

Really, the best idea in that game? Hoverboards in large-scale, vehicle-centric maps. Because really, anything large-scale that requires vehicles to traverse effectively while you're stuck on foot is pretty damn annoying and drags the game down, in my opinion.. unless you want to go the route of Halo and add teleporters everywhere.

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UT as a MOBA? Yes please. It's a perfect universe for it. In fact "The Tournament" was a "League of Legends" before their was one.

As for the gametype... Domination or CTF would both work fine for a MOBA.

Back in '99 when playing UT Competitively I often thought how great it would be if all of the different races actually had different abilities. As it was their hotboxes weren't even different sizes even though their models made the female humans "look" smaller than the Skarj fighters. Many pro players used the female models for this reason alone, even though it was a trick of the eye, and not a real advantage.

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