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Ablebits AutoBCC For Outlook 2024.1.449.1802


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Languages: English File Size: 36.37 MB

Automatically BCC your Outlook emails. Invest a few minutes in creating a rule and from now on you will never forget to add a CC or BCC address to your outgoing email. Automatic copies will be sent for all your outgoing messages whether it is a new email, a reply, or a forwarded letter.

What is AutoBCC for Outlook?
Auto BCC is an easy to understand and convenient to work with plug-in for Outlook. You just create a CC or BCC rule and the add-in does the whole job itself. A well-thought-out system of conditions and exceptions allows you to have a blind copy or CC address inserted automatically for

- All outgoing emails from all your e-mail accounts.
- E-mails sent from one of your Microsoft Outlook profiles or accounts.
- Messages sent to the specified addresses only.
- Outgoing messages with particular words or phrases in the subject line or in the attachment name.

With Auto BCC for Outlook you will

Copy your outgoing e-mails automatically
Set up a BCC rule in Outlook for all your outgoing messages.

Create rules for different profiles and accounts
Send BCC from certain Outlook accounts when specified conditions are met.

Auto BCC yourself
Keep track of all your communication by having a copy of every email you send in your own inbox.

Use key phrases for each condition
Set key phrases and add exceptions to your BCC or CC rules.

Control adding CC/BCC
Turn on notifications to be informed when CC or BCC address has been added.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Outlook
- Outlook included in Microsoft 365
- Outlook 2021
- Outlook 2019
- Outlook 2016
- Note! Office Insider is not supported

Operating System
- Windows 11
- Windows 10
- Note! Windows Insider is not supported
- Note! Windows X (on ARM processors) is not supported


Ablebits AutoBCC For Outlook 2024.1.449.1802 (36.37 MB)
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