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‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ Campaign Review: Who Signed Off On This?

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  • 1 year later...

You are retarded. You dont even get the story nor get the gameplay.

the sniper mission is easy. Its teaching you how to snipe.... Its different from cod... WOAH!!! It uses bullet drop!!!!!

The somolian pirate mission was meant to be short and sweet and send a message, that it's about real events and that the their 1 units in the game are taking on a global threat that is in the media but we may not know it.

the AI are actually very good compared to other games....... They actually take cover and throw grandes. And your teammates also do kill shit and their bullets do stuff they dont just go right through people, they also call out where enemy's are. In other fps's your teammates just shoot at them but never hurt them

There's sliding into cover, and peak and lean, hell just that blows away any other FPS.

Mission titles.... Your a dumbass they essay them at the beginning of the level, and when it's loading they say it in the middle of the screen. Look before you bash dude.

Yes im not gonna argue that this game has its many faults (esp multiplayer) but the SP is one of the best out there. Besides being a little bit linear.

Obviously medal of honor is not for you, you dont care about the story you just care about shooting shit...

Have fun with shit ops 2... Peace.

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"but the SP is one of the best out there"

You cannot be serious...

This SP Campaign is one of the worst I have played. Ever.

MoH: Warfighter is a prime example of what is wrong with these shitty "Modern FPS".

It holds your hand throughout the entirety of the game (if it can even be called a game).

Sure it may have a better story than other shooters (CoD, BF3 etc), but I could pull a better storyline out of my ass, one that is far better than either of those games, so having a better storyline than those isn't exactly an achievement.

Honestly, if you think that MoH: Warfighter has "one of the best SP out there" you really can't have played many quality FPS.

"Besides being a little bit linear. "

Congratulations, you win the award for biggest understatement of the century.

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