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Groove3 - Dune 3 Explained


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Groove3 - Dune 3 Explained
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Music/Sound | MP4
Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive Dune 3 video tutorials! Synapse's Dune 3 is one of the most versatile and powerful soft synths on the market, which means it can also be a bit intimidating for the less-experienced user. Well, look no further! In these Dune 3 tutorials, Larry will demystify Dune3 and walk you through all the most important features from the ground up. From the interface and signal flow to advanced tweaking of the oscillators, filters, arpeggiator, and more, you'll learn it all! These videos are for new Dune 3 users.
Larry welcomes you and begins by introducing the synth's interface, illustrating how to load/save presets and provides a quick overview of the instrument's architecture. You'll explore the oscillators - including creative uses for noise and unison tuning - and also learn about the sound-shaping possibilities with Wavetable Mode and FM Mode.

Next, check out how the Sample Playback's functionality enables you to redraw waveforms and implement looping, and learn how to create some classic sci-fi sound effects with ring modulation. Then explore the various parameters of the Filter as well as Synapse's proprietary Differential Unison Engine before diving into the Wavetable Editor for a thorough look at its extensive creative capabilities.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll explore other key components, such as the LFO (for creating periodic modulation of different parameters), MSEG (multi-stage envelope generator), Mod Matrix (for routing modulation sources and destinations), Arpeggiator (for generating melodic patterns and also additional modulation sources), FX busses, and more! You'll finish up by learning how to design three different useful sounds using many of the concepts covered in the tutorials!

To see exactly what these in-depth Dune3 tutorials contain, and how they'll quickly reveal the nearly limitless sonic potential of this amazing synth, see the individual Dune 3 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Take your synth sound design skills to another world. Watch "Dune 3 Explained®" now!

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