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An iPhone User Switches to Android: Day One Troubles

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Wherever you're getting your info from, it's wrong.

Every one of your e-mail address can be set up in the Android settings, under Accounts or Accounts/Sync. This covers pop3/imap, and exchange.

From the e-mail client, you can select the accounts tab at the top left, choosing Combined View to have all of them appear at once, as you said you prefer.

You can also add from within the e-mail client using the button at the top-right. It takes you to the same window as if you were to go in throught the Settings menu.

Hope this helps.

Also, getting third-party apps from Play is indeed a good move. Developers do a far better job with these things than the dimwits that bundle the software that comes with your phone - especially HTC. Just bear in mind that number of downloads an app has and the ratings system self-police the Play Store in a way, and your descretion should be used from that whether you think you'll like the program.

Viruses aren't as rampant as blogs would have you believe. And free anti-virus software is available frmo the Play Store - Norton, for instance. Install it, check it, and then install if you're worries about resources. Then re-install at your leisure to do it again.

Play Store keeps a history of what you've installed to which device to make reinstalling a breeze.

It's a learning curve, but Androids are extremely powerful things. You now have a computer in your pocket; not just a phone that plays Angry Birds. All Androids are ot created equal, however, and there's a reason why Samsung is the most talked-about Android out there. Its flagships should have been tops on your list of choices.

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Bloatware is a fact of life for all US phones not made by Apple.

That's the way it was in the past, and that's the way it will be for a long time.

Some phones are worse than others, of course, but it's not an 'android thing'.

As the earlier poster said, Android is more of a computer, not unlike windows.

Can you use the stock software to do everything? I suppose. But one major benefit of android is to use third party software to

do things the way you want them done. If you aren't willing to do that, I'd think you'd be happier just staying with an iphone.

When I shop for a new android phone, I honestly couldn't care less how the stock software works, because I already know I'm

replacing everything with programs I like (launcher, keyboard, browser, etc).

- Frank

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Your gripes:

Unified email inbox: Yes you can have one. No, you don’t have to download a separate 3rd party app. See previous commenter’s explanation.

Email text is wrapped to fit the screen: Generally this is considered a good thing. When you open your email, you see the text right there and you don’t have to zoom like you did on the iphone. What’s the grip here?

Change phone number to have free google voice handle your visual voicemail: WRONG, All you have to do is forward Verizon cell calls to your google voice number if there is no answer on your Verizon phone. Use this standard key combination to fix that: “*71[Your Google Voice number]” send. You get to keep your Verizon number you’ve had forever, and google handles your visual voicemail for free. If you are done with google voice handling your voicemail, you can switch back to Verizon voicemail using *73 send (based on a very quick google search).

Uninstall the preinstalled apps: yeah, kinda sucks. Not the end of the world, but I agree that this should be fixed.

Verizon LTE has about the same speed as AT&T 3.5G: Or maybe you were referring to AT&T's 4G LTE; you weren't clear. Either way it doesn't really matter; is 12 Mbit down/up not good enough for you? I don't care what generation it is (3.5g or 4g), 12Mbit is fast. Faster than my home network. What speeds were you getting on 3G? Or perhaps you were complaining about how the verizon commercial says that verizon has "more 4G". I think you may have misunderstood the commercial. It is referring to COVERAGE area. I don't know how they calculate that metric (sq miles vs "markets" but i'm sure either way, Verizon beats AT&T/sprint/etc.). So I don't really get what you are complaining about here either. Verizon has more 4GLTE "markets" than AT&T. Both provide 12+Mbit speeds.

You are 1 for 5.

Sorry for shooting down most of your gripes, but you apparently don’t know how to do a proper google search to fix any of your problems.

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You've got some good points, but here are my rebuttals to some.

Email text wrap is a pain in the ass. I'm a web designer/developer and I don't want something modifying my code. Even though it's moving the text in a column, it can't collapse or size down the containing element so you scroll over and there is a huge chunk of white space that would normally be filled with text. It doesn't look good from a design and usability standpoint.

I didn't know about the forwarding using *71, that's a cool feature. I shouldn't have to implement a work around for that, Verizon, should just not charge for Visual voicemail.

I'm just really bitching about the commercials because the are able to be soooooo general when it comes to "coverage." Take LTE to other major cities and people are pulling down 30MB/s. It's also not just Verizon, everyone does it but I was on my rant :D

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