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For those in Alpha Squad tonight


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It was a pleasure leading you gentlemen. You all listened to my orders and responded immediately. I wanted to pull you aside together on teamspeak and thank you personally but this will have to do for now. I would still like to get us all together at some point on teamspeak and have you all give a critique of my performance. Any tips, comments or questions. I would love to hear them. I hope I get to lead each and all of you again. Way to be frosty guys. Later.

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Gents, I'm an older fella with 20 years of Navy experience behind me. I'm not really sure what the point of no HUD training is, but I can say this, you guys were MONEY tonight! We accomplished within the ROE exactly what was asked of us and after talking with some of the others squads tonight I know we did it better than all the rest. Good job all around. ORyan, I was an NCO for about half my career, you did much better than a lot of folks do in that situation. I'd be happy to follow you again anytime, I mean that!

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I'm with my compatriots, you were a great squad leader last night. Your orders were concise and to the point. Of all the squads, we were definitely the quietest, but I think we saw the least action. I also thought you were aware of the other squads decently as well. When we were on the bridge, you sent Kirkula over to Delta to assist the maxes, instead of staying with you to provide ammo.

The one thing that was difficult for me was following in formation (which I just noticed looks like information, which is not the word I'm looking for). I was trying really hard to continually check our left side, and so sometimes I would stray off line a bit. But the difficult part was how often you changed speed. We would be double timing it, and suddenly you would ADS, and I would run right through you, and then have difficulty finding you again, as you would have taken off again right after that. It got better at the end when you would call out our speed (like when we got the Crux). I don't think this is an issue with your leadership or with you, so much as a shortcoming of moving in formation in a video game.

If we added a heavy in our group to bring us to 6, I'd be happy to run with Ryan's Alphas anytime.

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