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Obama: 4 more years? Is it happening?

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I think it's to early to tell, but I think most of these people will tough it out until Super Tuesday.

At that point many 2nd tiers will drop and then give their endorsements. I do think Ron Paul will stay till the bitter end as long as he has money.

Also I don't know if it will be Trump, but with the economy in such a shambles and so much at stake, if the GoP looks like their producing another Fail like McCain I wouldn't be surprised to see some wealthy independents step in the race.

It's strange but I think Herman Cain might be able to take the general election if he somehow wins the Primary. Largely because he lets Romney and Perry destroy each other.

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Geengrich is the most qualified and intelligent candidate being considered. Unfortunately, he's also kind of an asshole and has a puffy face and neck. He can't win the popularity contest.

Given the polls and their trends over several months, Obama is going to have a tough time no matter who winds up running against him. People won't be lining up to vote for Romney or Cain. They'll be lining up to vote AGAINST Obamacare, Chicago politics, and the other elitist bullshit and incompetent tactless dealings with other countries demostrated by the current administration.

Hell, if we could get N nominated, he could take Obama.

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