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Beta participation - Clan Expansion

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Ok, we know that a number of betas are coming up for games which we are interested in joining and expanding in to. This means a couple of things.

First and foremost it means expansion. As we join other games, we will be setting up shop there and pulling in new members from those games. Expect SOO to grow incrementally each time we expand outward. We're NOT moving from game to game, we're expanding in to other games. If we expand in to Dragon's Prophet and/or ESO, the Planetside 2 outfit will still exist, still play and still recruit as we form and build guilds in the other games, which will then exist, play and recruit within those games.

Selection will be much the same as it is today. There will be an open recruitment process in the beginning and once the group is established, we'll start doing an application process. Of course this will mean new officers will be added, new positions will open up and we will be filling those positions with the people we feel are the best fit for a job. Please note that "seniority", "time in service" and "asskissery" are not part of the selection process for officers.

Let's get something VERY CLEAR here, too. If you choose to enter a beta...any beta...for any game, any genre, any time, any where, for any company, whether it is as part of an SOO group or solo, you are bound by the terms and conditions set forth in our code of conduct. PLEASE don't let me find out that a member of SOO joined a beta and acted the fool. That would not end well. Also, it bears saying that if you choose to enter a beta, you are there to do testing and to assist in the improvement of the game, as well as helping to find and point out bugs. Beta testing is NOT an "I got to play it before you did" period, it is for testing and reporting and any member of SOO who signs up for a beta should be prepared to do exactly that - TEST AND REPORT. Have fun, too, but TEST AND REPORT!

Also, I don't want people to get the idea that we are going to allow a ton of game-hopping. Sure, people get burnt out and need a change from time to time but I don't want anyone thinking that the whole clan (or even a lot of the clan) will be moving every time a hot new game comes out. This simply will not do. Again, it's about expansion, not relocation. We can't tell you what games you are and aren't allowed to play, BUT, I would hope that the vast majority of our members can find a title they love and stick with it. That being said, if you want to "float" between games a little bit, that's fine but be aware that your rank or standing in one game will not carry over to others. You may be the baddest son of a bitch in the valley, in PS2 but that doesn't mean you'll hop in to ESO or DP or other games and be doing end-game raids straight off. You'll have to prove yourselves and climb the ladder just like you had to in the beginning.

When we expand in to a new game, we will select a leader for that group based on an application and interview process. We will not assign leaders willy-nilly and anyone who wants to run a division of The Sons of Odin in any game should be ready to make a very strong commitment to the growth and success of that division. Once we have selected a division leader, that person will be in full charge of that division but will be replaced if they are unable to meet their commitment. That being said, there are a few people who will ALWAYS be considered the top tier of leadership in SOO. They are as follows.

FleshEatingZipper owners

FleshEatingZipper is, for lack of a better term, the team owners (think of it in professional sports terms). We are, for the most part, silent partners in the deal. From time to time, though, we will step in and lay out expectations, goals, etc...We bring a LOT of experience and resources to bear and will always work in the best interest of the clan because the clan is tied directly to our business.


Please allow me to be very, very crystal clear about this. If it weren't for Roh, The Sons of Odin would not exist. When we started this venture, Roh was building an outfit in Planetside 2 and had a vision as to where he wanted it to go. It was Roh out there kicking ass, taking names, building the outfit, coordinating training, running ops, spreading our name and growing the brand. As time went on, certain events transpired and we at FEZ decided to offer Roh and his outfit the sponsorship. Since the time he accepted that offer, things have obviously grown well beyond the original scope but again, everyone should be aware that without Roh, SOO would not exist. He ALWAYS has the final say in any matters relating to the clan. The only people who have the authority to override him are the owners of FEZ and we will never do so lightly.

You all owe him your allegiance and your appreciation for creating this group and getting the ball rolling in a major way. Never forget that.


Omni is the guy who introduced me to Roh and is responsible for starting the relationship between The Sons of Odin and FleshEatingZipper. He is also a trusted friend and advisor of mine and we speak in person on a regular basis. Very little happens in the outfit that he's not aware of and even less goes on that he's not brought up to speed on immediately. Omni is also the lead recruiting officer for The Sons of Odin and while Trof is the primary recruiting officer for the group, Omni always has final say in any matters regarding recruiting and membership.

VERY special consideration should always be given to C00kies, Garviel and Roamin, as well, as they have been around since the beginning and have been instrumental in helping this group achieve the things it has, thus far. Their assistance in matters of organization, planning, strategy and the daily operation of the outfit have been invaluable and they should always be kept in the loop on matters relating to the clan.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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