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When to go to Ski Boards Exporters ski shop
No matter how many adjustments you choose to make at home, some jobs require you to go into the store. I recommend that you bring your equipment with you at least once per season, if not more. From repairs to base resurfacing, the store has specialized equipment that home tools simply cannot replicate.

basic grinding
Around this time of year, I often see people posting ads on social media where they will adjust your skis etc for a lower and faster price than the store. However, unless they can get tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you're not getting the same thing. A high-quality base resurfacing and stone grinding is one of the most important factors in a snowboard's performance. This should be done at least once every season. First, the base layer is resurfaced to open up the pores and allow the wax to penetrate better while removing those small scratches. Next, the base is flattened on a special stone for predictable climbing performance. Finally, use a stone to grind the structure into the base. Structure is essential for the ski/snowboard to glide properly. A good one allows moisture to escape from under the base, reducing friction and allowing you to go faster.

binding work
Just don't. Leave any adjustments, installations or repairs to professionals. We have the certification, equipment and experience to safely ensure this important piece of equipment is set up for you. Alpine bindings should be tested annually for proper functionality.

Extensive base and edge repairs
Let's face it, no matter how hard we try, there's always going to be a "one stone" that chiseled a chisel into your base, or even pulled out a metal edge. If the bottom chisel goes all the way to the core, called a "core shot", it must be fixed or moisture can get in and rot the device over time. In this shop we have equipment to weld a piece of new material to that point or hardware to pull the edge back into place. Time and time again we've seen home repairs turn out to be less than ideal.

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